Giving Back

Realizing that every dollar, in-kind donation, or volunteer hour spent can help, here are some of the charities that we proudly support:

Philadelphia VIP

Since 1981, Philly VIP has helped more than 37,000 impoverished Philadelphians (the US city with the deepest poverty) get the free legal help they need to stay in their homes, age with dignity, create non-profit organizations, continue to work, and build stable families.

Teton Raptor Center Poo Poo Project

Provides specialized screens to prevent cavity-nesting animals from flying into vault toilet ventilation pipes, looking for a place to nest, roost, or cache food, then become stuck in the muck. You can sponsor a life saving screen for $35 and they will tell you where it is installed.

Center for Hope

Accepts donations of and distributes cases or gallons of water, water filters and replacement filters to those in need because of the Flint, Michigan water crisis.

Distributing Dignity

Distributes new bras, pads and tampons to women who are aging out of foster care, seeking refuge from domestic violence or abuse, experiencing homelessness, struggling with life altering illness or displaced by disaster. 

 Food Lifeline

Provides approximately 91,000 meals per day by giving donations of food to food banks in Western Washington.

A platform for public school teachers from across the country to request much needed materials and experiences for their students. You can search by location or subject. 


I hope you will join us in supporting some of these charities. A little help can go a long way.