A Sweet Baby Bonnet

A Sweet Baby Bonnet

 This is a baby bonnet that I made over the weekend. It may be the most beautiful piece I've ever made! It's called the Wintergreen Bonnet by Larissa Brown of Stitch Marker knitting patterns. It knit much faster than I thought it would and was fun to see the lacey pattern unfold.

Wintergreen knit baby bonnet / warporweft.com

The pattern calls for Sierra by Cascade Yarns, which was discontinued, so I substituted by using Lark by Quince & Co. The gray color is called frost and the pink color is called petal. They are lovely to knit with. I used less then one full skein of the lark as the main color and only a little bit of the petal for the border. I bought the ribbon from Joann Fabrics. The pattern called for 1/2 inch ribbon, but I could only find 3/8 inch in a matching color, so I went with that.

Wintergreen knit baby hat / warporweft.com


Notes on the Pattern

Gauge: I tend to knit loosely and generally have to go down a needle size, but I ended up going up a needle size (I used a US 6 (4 mm)) and was still slightly under the recommended gauge.

Size: The pattern only has unspecified "baby" and "toddler/child" sizes. The hat I made was for a first birthday, so I went with the "toddler/child" size.

I knit the arch part of the hat as written. It took three full repeats of the arch pattern to get to 7 inches long for me. Then I added one more row to end on the right side before continuing with the pattern.

Row 13 of the toddler/child size pattern omits part of the designation for some stitches, so I knit it as follows - K1 *m1L, k5, skp, k2tog, k3, m1R, k1, m1L, k3, skp, k2tog, k5, m1R, k1, repeat * to end.

For the border, I knit it as written in the pattern, but I added two additional rows of stockinette after the ribbon holes. For a continuous piping look, I knit the last row in the pink yarn and bound off in the pink yarn as well. If you wanted to continue the border up the sides of the ribbon band you could add a row of single crochet border with the pink yarn or, alternatively, as you work this section, you could knit the first and last stitch of each row in the contrasting pink color.

I blocked the hat in Soak Wash and laid it flat on its side to make sure the straight parts of each side lined up.    

Note: If you tie the ribbon around a child's neck,  make sure you watch them closely to avoid choking hazards.


Quick Info:

Pattern: Wintergreen Bonnet by Larissa Brown on Raverly

Yarn: Quince & Co. Lark in Frost (main color) and Petal (border color)

Blocking: Soak Wash and blocking pins

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Quince & Co. Yarn Baby Hat Reprised

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