6 Fiber Kit Gift Ideas for the Crafter on Your List

6 Fiber Kit Gift Ideas for the Crafter on Your List

Are you shopping for someone who is crafty? It may seem daunting to delve into an area where you may have little experience to purchase a gift for the crafty person on your list, but have no fear! This round up of fiber kits provides the perfect opportunity to WOW them with an unexpected fiber gift. It is designed to save you time by helping narrow down great fiber kits that are sure to impress your crafter. Whether you are shopping for the holidays, birthdays or just because, you are sure to impress with something they truly enjoy!


These adorable kits provide the materials to create a cute little fuzzy felt animal, including the wool and needles. The most difficult part will be deciding which adorable animal to buy - bunny, dinosaur, hedgehog? The kits come in "Starter", "Easy" and "Intermediate" skill levels and many are for age 10 and up. The greatest selection of animals is on the Woolpets website or you can order from a smaller selection on Amazon (some are available with prime shipping for the last minute gift). In addition to the kit, a needle felting foam block is recommended, which you can purchase from Woolpets website or on Amazon.


Ashford Weaving Starter Kit

This kit is perfect for creating a first, small, woven wall hanging. The kit includes the weaving loom, needle, yarn, and a dowel to hang the woven piece. The weaving width is 9.5 inches wide x 14 inches tall. The yarn comes in two color choices - brights (shown here) or monochrome. Of course, the frame can be reused an unlimited number of times and the only thing you will need is more yarn!

Available at Paradise Fibers and The Woolery.


Card Weavers Start Up Kit

Card weaving is a process that uses cards with holes (pictured on the bottom right) to create a woven band or belt. The designs are made by turning the cards in a particular sequence. The Card Weavers Start Up Kit includes everything you need to get started - a set of 4-hole cards, a belt shuttle, yarn and the book "Card Weaving" by Candace Crockett. 

Available at The Woolery


Purl Soho Tiny Knit Kits

These kits are a fun and affordable treat for someone who already knows how to knit.  There are so many cute patterns to chose from - ninjas, birds, panda, tiny Vikings. To complete the kit, the knitter will need US Size 1 (2.25 mm) double pointed needles, which are not included in the kit. If your knitter doesn't already have the needles, you will find them at a local yarn store or on amazon (karbonz are a bit more expensive, but are by far my favorite double pointed needles!).

Available at Purl Soho.



Embroidery Kits

Embroidery is all the rage these days and there are endless kits available for purchase. A few places to shop are Etsy, DMC, and Amazon. All three have great, unique designs in a variety of styles. For embroidery you need - an embroidery hoop, embroidery thread, cloth to embroider, and a needle. If the kit you purchase doesn't come with an embroidery hoop, you can purchase one on Amazon or at a local craft store. 

Available at DMC


Drop Spindle Kit

How great would it be to give this kit to a knitter so they can learn to make their own yarn?! Spinning is the process that turns fiber into yarn using a twisting motion. This kit comes with the drop spindle, four colors of wool, and a pamphlet with instructions on how to spin the fiber into yarn. The drop spindle can be used endlessly with wool, cotton, alpaca, flax, hemp, and additional fibers.  

Available at The Woolery


Bonus Tips:

1. Another great gift for a crafter is to give a class to a local yarn or craft store on a topic he or she may be interested in learning more about. 

2. A skein or two of a favorite knitting, weaving or crochet yarn your crafter prefers will be much appreciated. 

Final Note: Be sure to check the shipping times if you need a kit by a specific date. Some yarn stores ship more quickly than others. 

Happy Crafting!

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