What I Bought at Urban Craft Uprising Winter 2017

What I Bought at Urban Craft Uprising Winter 2017

This post is a round up of items I purchased at shows recently hosted by Urban Craft Uprising: Fall Market at Amazon, Gobble Up at the Meydenbauer Center, and the Winter Show at Seattle Center. As you probably guessed, in addition to making crafts, I have a love of other handmade items and love attending craft fairs. If you are still looking for a unique holiday gift, check out these local makers as they have something for everyone - kids, pets, foodies, etc. 

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Handarbete - The scarves pictured above were handwoven by Satoko, who is one of my favorite weavers and I now own THREE of her scarves. She was born in Japan and learned to weave in Sweden and both styles come through in a modern, simplistic take on traditional Swedish weaving patterns. She is one of the most lovely people I have met since I moved to Seattle. I have gifted several of her handwoven coasters, which are very affordable, and she offers handwoven pillows and pincushions as well. 

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Hazy Dell Press - These children's books were written and illustrated by two brothers living in the Pacific Northwest. I bought "Hush Now, Banshee!" and "Monster ABC" as gifts. They offer a four book set if you want a collection.

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Salt Stone Ceramics - I bought two handmade ceramic mugs as gifts, but fell in love with them and ended up keeping this one for myself! The other was from the Lunar line. I love her use of gold against the raw stoneware. 

The Cat Ball - There are so many cute designs and even animal designs (Santa is bringing our guys the Blue Whale) of these cat hiding places/beds. The designs come in a large size, a small size, and a canoe shape so you can pick one - or more - that best suits your cat. A fun fact is that our cat, Bennie, was adopted from the same rescue organization - Purrfect Pals - as the Cat Ball cat/model, Tink!  

Business Catual - Bowties for cats? Yes, please! I'll take one for each cat. 

Collisionware - These super cute pot holders are a fun and affordable gift. We bought the roller skate pattern, the llama pattern and the fox pattern. She has oven mitts, pot holders, skillet mitts, mini mitts and sets. 

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Seattle Pickle Co - I have a pickle addiction and the dill pickles and pickled beets lived up to my expectations. I ate half the jar of pickles in one sitting. They also offer pickled asparagus, margarita mix, box sets and a few additional varieties. 

B.G.'s Gourmet BBQ Sauce - My go-to week night meal is chicken breasts in the slow cooker with barbeque sauce cooked for four hours on high. We eat this paired with salad, rice or potatoes at least one night a week, so I am always looking for good BBQ sauces. B.G.'s is sweet, savory and a touch of smokey. I would also give them the award for being the most friendly vendor at Gobble Up. 

Bonnie B's Peppers - The peppers are delicious, but if you like sandwiches with mustard, don't miss Momma's Mustard Relish.

Eliot's Adult Nut Butters - I am ob-sessed with these nut butters. I bought three jars of the Honey Chipotle Peanut Butter and my husband likes the Chocolate Chili Almond Butter.  

smashed! Boozy Jams and Jellies - The jams are a delight. Apple with Cinnamon Whiskey as well as Pear with Whiskey and Garam Masala are my favorites!

SeaSmoked Foods, LLC - Small blocks of smoked cheese that are SO good. We enjoyed our block of aged extra sharp cheddar.

Bow Hill Blueberries - Every summer we pick organic blueberries at Bow Hill Farm. They had several delicious products at Gobble Up. My favorite breakfast is oatmeal with pumpkin, spices, and blueberries, so we purchased their delicious dried blueberries.

One Fork Farm Caramels - These caramels are delicious! One had a difficult time deciding which to buy and went with the Below Deck Coffee Rum Horchata and Velvet Chocolate. 

Bonus item:

Glass Drinking Straw with Cleaning Brush - We purchased these some time in September from a random craft show in SODO that only had a few vendors. Seattle is in a movement away from plastic drinking straws to cut down on plastic pollution as consumers dispose of more than 500 million plastic straws per day. Buy these for yourself and everyone you know. Hand them out at work or school. These straws make great stocking stuffers and additions to another gift.  

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These are my actual purchases that I paid for with my own money. There are no affiliate links in this post and no one offered me anything to write this. I like supporting other crafts people and I find it refreshing to see what products people actually like; not only the ones they receive money for advertising. 

Happy shopping! 

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