Landis Valley Linen Variation

Landis Valley Linen Variation

I intended to make separate pieces out of the leftover Landis Valley Linen warp, but when it came off the loom, my husband LOVED it as one piece with separate areas of contrast. I couldn't argue with such a strong feeling and I have to admit that I like the more modern look to this piece, so I made one smaller towel out of the pattern. I'm always interested in how others view my work, especially when it's my greatest supporter in my creative endeavors. I try not to put much weight on overly critical comments, but when it's a fresh way to look at my work, I'll take it! It's great when someone sees something that I haven't considered.

landis valley linen 4 shaft weaving pattern /

For the blue section, I wove one inch of the point twill border in Royal and then one inch of the middle diamond pattern in Light Blue and then switched back to the point twill in Royal for another 5 inches. Next time, I would either weave two inches of the Royal to start so that the edging wouldn't show on the hem or weave more border area between the projects so more of the border shows.

landis valley linen weaving in cotton /

The white part is two picks of each treadling woven back to back for a bolder look. The floating selvedge holds the pattern in place well enough without a tabby. I like this two pick look and plan to try this again on my next project.

If you are interested in Landis Valley Linen as written in the Davison book, check out my post HERE.


Sett: 20 epi

Pattern: Landis Valley Linen from A Handweavers Pattern Book (green version only), p. 21

Selvedge: floating selvedge on both sides

Total Ends: 367 (including floating selvedge)

Size: 15.5 inches wide x approximately 12 inches long (I forgot to measure the length!)

Finish: Machine wash, tumble dry

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