Swedish Point Monk's Belt Cashmere and Tencel Scarves

Swedish Point Monk's Belt Cashmere and Tencel Scarves

You may recall last August (already a year ago!) I wove a scarf with purple cashmere weft and black perle cotton warp. The scarf looks beautiful, but I wasn't entirely pleased with the stiffness of the perle cotton and wanted to try the scarf with tencel warp (instead of perle cotton) for a better drape. I thought white would look better with the light blue and coral JoJoLand cashmere in these scarves, so the warp on these is white 10/2 tencel. The cashmere is available online at Yarn Barn of Kansas.   

Swedish Point Monk's Belt handwoven cashmere and tencel scarf / warporweft.com

The pattern is Swedish Point Monk's Belt without a tabby. This is an easy weave even for a beginning weaver. It is quick, too, because the cashmere weft yarn is fairly thick. While I was weaving, the tencel seemed equally as stiff as the perle cotton, BUT it softened up significantly after it was wet finished with Soak Wash. (I like Soak because you don't have to rinse the fabric, it is made in Canada where they have more restrictions on chemicals, and I can easily let it dry flat.)   

Swedish Point Monks Belt weaving cashmere tencel scarf / warporweft.com

I tried out two lengths for different looks and so that I know what the different options are for future projects. The blue scarf is 42 inches long and the coral scarf is 37 inches long.  

This seems like a strange post to share in the summer because it's cashmere, but if you weave these now, they will be great in a few weeks when fall rolls around. 


Sett: 24 epi

Yarn: Weft - 10/2 Tencel; Warp - JoJo Land 4 ply 100% Cashmere

Pattern: Swedish Point VIII Monk's Belt from A Handweavers Pattern Book (green version), p. 103

Selvedge: 4321 twill and floating selvedge on both sides

Total Ends: 250 (including floating selvedge)

Size: 9.75 inches wide

Finish: hand wash, lay flat to dry

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