Summer and Winter

The great thing about Summer and Winter weave is that it shows the reverse pattern on the opposite side so it never looks messy. In this sampler, I was trying to see the differences in how the pattern looks when the tabby changes each time while the pattern for the main weft yarn stays the same. The differences are subtle, but the overall feeling of the cloth is different.

summer and winter weaving /

I used 20/2 Normandy Linen from Henry's Attic for the warp and Harrisville Designs Shetland for the weft. The sett was 22 epi. The linen was a little finicky to work with, but turned out lovely. 

reverse side of summer and winter /

Here's an example of the reverse side of the weaving. I foresee a lot of summer and winter in my future weaving.  Have a great weekend! 


Finished Leg Warmers

We rolled into fall in the Pacific Northwest and I immediately wanted to finish the five (plus) projects I had going from the summer. Here are the finished legwarmers!

over the knee leg warmers /

The yarn is Lion Brand Amazing in Arcadia. Beware if you use it: the yarn tends to felt to itself as you go. This started with the Sausalito Stirrup Sock pattern by Lion Brand and I modified it to extended over the knee. On suggestion from Claudia at Proper Tension, I knit black elastic into the ribbing at the top to try to hold up the leg warmers (thanks, Claudia!). Do not use clear elastic because you can see the shine, but the black blends nicely. 

Crochet Edge on Knitting /

I had to crochet the heel opening to make it lay flat instead of curling. My crochet experience is basic at best. It was pretty easy to pick up the crotchet stitches on every other knit stitch to make the chain round the heel, but I was not sure how to join it. Enter YouTube! The relevant part for how to finish the crochet edge in the round starts at about 1:46 on the video below.

I will let you know how the over the knee legwarmers work out when I get feedback. Happy Tuesday!

Discovery Park Beach

Today, I put the finishing touches on the custom leg warmers. They are ready for the mail! Keep your fingers crossed that they fit correctly. I'll post pictures and the pattern soon.

Discovery Park Seattle /

The weather in Seattle was perfect, so we ventured to the beach at Discovery Park. This is one of our favorite places in Seattle. It is about a mile and a half to the beach from the parking area and it's a mix of paved roads and trails (you can go there on an entirely paved walkway, but we enjoy a bit of off road walking).

Birds at Discovery Park Seattle /

There were plenty of birds and you know how I love wildlife. We heard a seal, but did not see it. Hopefully, we will see it next time.

Discovery Park Seattle /

If you are in Seattle, you should check out Discovery Park, but be sure to check the tide schedule. At high tide, most of the beach that you see in this photo is covered with water and you can get stranded if you wander too far down the beach at the wrong time.  

Block Weave

Block weave! There are so many things I want to make with it. It's very pleasant to weave. I get into a rhythm with the two shuttles and can go on for hours. I really like how the top pattern looks like knitting.

block weave /

This is Swedish Point from page 103 of the green Davidson book. The patterns are I and II on the page. The warp is 10/2 perle cotton and the weft in the blocks is black Harrisville Shetland. One of these days, I am going to weave through the Davidson book. Happy September!

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Gertrude's Fancy

Back to the Davidson book for more overshot. This is Gertrude's Fancy (on page 167 in the older green copy of the book). It is another pattern where the photo in the book does not match up to the pattern on the page. If you thread your loom exactly as written one time through and then start again at the beginning and stop where it says "end here", you will get three blocks of the pattern like I have here. I threaded a total of 289 warp ends including the selvage.

Gertrude's Fancy overshot /

The warp is 10/2 perle cotton in Poplin and the weft is Harrisville Shetland.  The more I think about it, the more I truly love overshot. It feels like I am weaving a painting as the pattern emerges.

Happy weekend!

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Twill Sampler

Here's a twill sampler threaded five different ways. It is cool how each section looks different based on the different threading even though the weaving pattern is the same on each horizontal row. This is a great way to test multiple patterns at the same time. I really like the middle block.

Woven Twill Sampler by

I used 3/2 pearle cotton for both the warp and weft. The set is 15 ends per inch. If you are going to do a multi sample like this, make sure you don't have two warp strands next to each other on the same shaft to avoid floats. I had to rethread the last section because the second to last pattern ended on a 1 and the last started on a 1. When I rethreaded, I started the last on a 2 and let the sections share the 1.    

Leg Warmer Update

Working my way through the leg warmers. I started with a Lion Brand pattern, but this is a custom order, so I am making modifications to extend it well beyond the knee. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it turns out beautifully and that the leg warmers stay up.

over the knee leg warmer /

I love the coloring and the stripes in the yarn. It's been hot so I haven't really wanted to knit as much and have spent time weaving a bunch since we got back from Jackson Hole. What are you working on these days?

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Our Trip to Wyoming and Local Yarn

We just returned from Jackson Hole where we had the time of our lives! The last time I visited Wyoming, I was in elementary school and it was an incredible experience. This trip was even more phenomenal than I remember it. Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons should be on your vacation list and I cannot plug it enough as a must see family vacation spot.  We almost sent for the cats so we could stay.

Grand Teton National Park /

We visited Knit on Pearl, the local yarn store in Jackson, where I bought this colorful 2 ply DK weight yarn by Mountain Meadow Wool of Buffalo, Wyoming. The shop had a limited selection of yarn and a very small amount of local yarn, but it was friendly and cute. You can definitely find knitting supplies or a fun project there. I can't wait to knit something fun with the yarn.

Knit on Pearl in Jackson, WY /
Mountain Meadow Wool /

This handwoven Apache grain storage basket is at the Jackson Lake Lodge, which is in Grand Teton National Park and has the most amazing view of the Teton range. I was inspired by the Native American weaving and purchased a Navajo student loom, so stay tuned for that. 

Apache Basket at Jackson Lake Lodge /

We stayed in Teton Village and went on two really great day safaris with Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris. The first was to Yellowstone National Park, which is a super volcano and has the world's largest collection of geysers. In the park, we also saw waterfalls, bison, pelicans, a grizzly bear eating an elk and, of course, Old Faithful. The last time I was there was the year before 36% of the 2.2 million acre park burned (with a total of about 1.2 million acres burned including the areas outside of, but adjacent to, the park - you can read more about the fires here.). It was incredible to see the damage and regrowth 27 years later.  

The second safari was a full day Grand Teton National Park tour. Our tour guide was Christy, who has a Masters in Natural Sciences and was very informative. She has a wonderful blog and Instagram featuring wildlife and year round life in Jackson. In addition to the incredible scenery, we saw gorgeous wildflowers, fields of bison with babies, moose, elk, prong horn with babies, black tail deer, a fox, marmot, baby great blue herons in their nest, cliff swallows, hawks, osprey,  and many other birds. 

We also went on a float tour of the Snake River with Justin from Solitude Scenic Float Trips. It was a really great way to see the Tetons and capture photos of wildlife along the river. We saw an entire family (all four!) of eagles from one nest and a few additional eagles.

Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks are a trip that everyone should make at least once in life. We are already planning a return trip that will include more hiking and additional time in the national parks.